MAG holds talks with United Nations on environment

MAG has held its first meeting with the United Nations Environment Department to create a shared policy framework in relation to the role of motorcycles and the environmental agenda for transport.

Lembit Öpik, MAG’s Director of Communications & Public Affairs, organised the meeting following four months of preparations and negotiations. He said: ‘we agreed that there was a basis of interest for progressing this project between MAG and the UN. They recognise the importance of powered two- and three- wheelers in the transport mix, and even noted that the overwhelming majority of trips are made on motorbikes in places like Vietnam.

‘The goal now is to get specific about the detailed areas we need to agree a position on. This is likely to include the role of electrically powered machines, reducing the emissions footprint of petrol powered ones and seeking to work with other interested parties. It is also absolutely clear that they are concerned about the quality of fuel being used in many countries, and we can’t ignore that if we’re going to have an integrated approach with the United Nations on the role of petrol powered machines in these areas.

Our Political Unit will evaluate the information received from the meeting and generate a provisional action plan which will lead to a shared commitment to action.  The work MAG has commenced can have a global impact on policy towards powered two- and three-wheelers in the transport mix.

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