MAG in close liaison with police in advance of Halloween night

MAG has worked with local authorities and the police across England to prevent a rerun of the shameful misbehaviour of a small group of thugs on two wheels on Halloween night, 2016.

MAG has established a new team – The Anti-Crime Team (TACT) –  and its first major initiative will be put to the test on 31st October 2017: Halloween night.  Last year hooligans caused disturbances in locations including Birmingham, London, Leeds and Solihull.  This year, the aim is to work with the authorities to make sure the yobs won’t have it their own way a second time.

Colin Brown, MAG’s West Midlands Regional Representative, has contacted many councils and police representatives.  ‘I’ve spoken to Birmingham City Council, Coventry City Council, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton Council. I also regularly talk with the police to offer our support and cooperation. Credit to West Midlands police and Jack Hadley in particular, as well as Staffordshire Police.  In dawn raids in Birmingham, they’ve arrested a lot of the identified troublemakers.  At least 7 have been charged with public nuisance offences and up to another 50 may be charged.’

MAG understands arrests have also been made in London.  A senior officer from Operation Venice, dealing with scooter-enabled crime and bike theft, updated MAG activist and life time anti-crime campaigner Steve Bolton: ‘bike theft in London was down significantly in August and September and bike-jackings are down a lot too.  The Met are very proactive and they are locking people up in large numbers.  The Met have a number of initiatives regarding bike theft and I’m working with them to align our own projects with this agenda.’

West Yorkshire Police have had success too.  Steve adds ‘Councillor Debra Coupar from Leeds Council has been pleased with MAG’s approach and we’re happy to work with them on a partnership basis to drive down this sort of crime and anti-social behaviour.’

Tim Fawthrop, MAG’s London Regional Representative, has been in contact with the Met as well and is confident that this year forewarned is forearmed.  ‘There was some trouble at the weekend, but this time round we were all aware it could happen and riders have been more careful with protecting their machinery from theft.  Fair play to the Met: they’ve really focussed on this issue.  We’ll see what happens on Halloween night, but we’re all a lot more prepared than we were previously.  This year, crime will be repaid with prosecutions.’

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