MAG in the long haul over campaign to stop tunnel tolls for bikers

MAG has been at the forefront of preventing riders from being charged tolls for using river crossings, on the basis that bikes are an asset for the environment, lowering congestion and providing cheap travel.

The current threat is in the heart of London, where a new tunnel is scheduled to help traffic flow in the capital.

‘These charges would set a precedent which defies both logic and fair play,’ says London MAG’s Regional Representative, Tim Fawthrop.  ‘Motorbikes are obviously part of the traffic solution, and they should be treated like it.  Other vehicles are not being charged exactly because they’re seen as congestion busting alternatives to cars – it says so in the documents.  Why, then, have bikes not been given the same exemption?  It’s probably just an oversight, but it has to be put right.’

Tim and MAG’s Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Lembit Öpik, attended the first stage of the public hearings.  ‘We’ve made our case very clearly,’ says Lembit.  ‘We will continue to participate in all stages of the consultation.  Our data on the environmental performance of bikes also backs up our position which is in the interests of riders – and also every other road and underground user, because each biker reduces the strain on the rest of the transport network.’
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