MAG is encouraging members to support MCN’s ‘Reclaim North Wales’ ride out

MAG is encouraging its 10 000 individual and 40 000 affiliate members to support MCN’s ‘Reclaim North Wales’ ride out  on Sep 13 aimed at reasserting our right to use public highways without undue police interference.

MAG is well aware that there are irresponsible riders out there but feedback from our members persuades us that the police response to the problem they represent is disproportionate and unfairly interferes with the sensible majority.

Some voices have suggested closing national parks to motorcycles altogether, a move that would signal a drastic departure from moderation and reasonableness.

MAG urges all taking part in the ride out to exercise special care, as a serious accident would be a terrible home goal for the riders’ movement as well as a tragedy for anyone injured.

For further details of meeting points:

Join MAG by calling: 01788 570065.
Alternatively you can download our joining form and send it along with a cheque to: MAG UK, PO Box 750, Rugby, CV21 3ZR.

Further information:

Nich Brown: 01788 570066 ( or
Ian Mutch 020 8556 6495 (

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