MAG Launches Manifesto For Riders

MAG has launched its manifesto for riders in the run-up to the 2017 General Election.

The Motorcycle Action Group has released its 12-point plan – a manifesto for riders – and invited all candidates and parties to share their views in advance of the General Election, scheduled for 8th June 2017.

Selina Lavender, Chair of MAG, said ‘we have taken the views of our members into account when drawing up our manifesto. We know mopeds, motorcycles and scooters have a major part to play in helping cities and towns overcome some of their transport issues. We need the politicians to wake up and understand the need to include powered two-wheelers in transport plans today, not tomorrow. The riding community understands the advantages of riding rather than taking the car.  We are happy to inform and educate the elected representatives. Our lines of communication are open, and we invite all riders to help us spread the word.’ 

MAG has consistently sought to work with all the parties and Government Ministers in the interests of riders’ rights.  The election provides an ideal opportunity for all riders to quiz their local candidates regarding their views about motorcycling, which is a vital element in tackling congestion and reducing pollution as well as commuting times. 

You’ll find the Manifesto HERE

Feel free to send it to candidates, seeking their views – or ask to meet them on the basis that thousands of voters in every constituency are also regular, everyday bikers.  ‘The biking vote could make the difference between winning and losing,’ adds Selina.  ‘With millions of qualified riders in the UK, ignoring the needs of the country’s two-wheeled community would be very foolish indeed.’

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