MAG looks back at 2017: a year of action and progress

MAG Chair, Selina Lavender, says she is delighted by how much progress MAG has made in recent years.   
‘MAG perhaps used to focus more on the ‘fun’ aspects like rallies and demonstrations but in more recent times it has become increasingly focussed on a professional dialogue.  It looks like this change is delivering a lot more clout than we’ve had previously, which is very good news for MAG.’

Selina believes that this professional approach, along with investment in political and industry relationships, is paying dividends.  ‘Our political unit spends a great deal of time in meetings, and although that may not look as exciting as attending rallies or demos, the truth is we generate more of an impact by sitting inside the Home Office than we do by demonstrating outside it.  That’s why our presence on the Home Office Task Group, which has been set up to tackle moped-enabled crime, is so important.  They’ve got the resources and we’ve got the specialist knowledge: it’s a good combination.’

MAG has also been effective at generating new activity around the country.  MAG’s team in the North West achieved a superb result by helping the restart of a motorcycle show at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens.  Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, Regional Rep Martyn Boyd and his team had a membership surge and are busy getting ready for next year’s Motorcycle Show in February 2018.  Elsewhere, MAG Cumbria has recruited half the MPs in the entire region.

‘We’ve also got much better at appearing in the media regarding biking issues.  Down in the South East, Steve Mallett has become a bit of a star, with regular appearances on the BBC.  Colin Brown is doing the same in the West Midlands – and that’s all set to increase around the country next year.  It’s partly about how we share best practice these days and I was delighted with the training weekend we held in York in November.  It’s all about making sure we operate professionally without having to work everything out from scratch every time.’

MAG has great expectations for 2018.  ‘There’s a lot to worry about, from illogical pollution charges through to the implications of Brexit for riders’ rights.  But that’s why we’re here – to fix problems.  It’s been a great team effort by staff and volunteers throughout 2017 and we’re looking forward to building on this during 2018.’ 

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