MAG looks forward to more motorcycles in Cardiff

This week, Cardiff Council launched a Transport White Paper, which lays out an ambitious 10-year plan to reduce congestion and improve air quality in the Welsh capital.

Proposals include a Congestion Charge which is expected to exempt motorcycles, a move that will inevitably increase the prevalence of this transport mode.

When London introduced its Congestion Charging Zone back in 2003, it too exempted motorcycles from all charges.  Modal shift to motorcycles is universally accepted to help reduce congestion and thus also emissions.  Studies show that a 10% modal shift from cars to motorcycles will reduce congestion by a staggering 40%.

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, commented “We broadly welcome the approach of a universal congestion charge on all larger vehicles as opposed to complex emission-based charging schemes when it comes to solving the urban congestion problem, and improving air quality.  The logic of an exemption for single-track vehicles is obvious when starting from a congestion perspective, enabling a much simpler policy approach that achieves the same results as the confused and administratively burdensome emission charging model which revolves around the complexities of Euro ratings.  An important additional bonus to an increase in the prevalence of motorcycles on the road was also observed in London, where collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles significantly reduced.”

“We look forward to seeing an increase in motorcycles in Cardiff and will be engaging with Cardiff City Council to ensure that the benefits of motorcycles are fully embraced, supported and encouraged.”

Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Lembit Opik, added “This is a great news story to start a new decade.  Let’s hope we see many more as MAG pushes to get motorcycles put back where they belong: at the heart of transport policy.”

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