MAG meets Law

MAG has met with the new Chair of the Parliamentary All Party Motorcycle Group, Chris Law MP, to discuss the agenda for biking and the way ahead.

Representatives from MAG  Dr Leon Mannings (Policy and Campaigns Adviser) and Lembit Öpik (Director of Communications & Public Affairs) travelled to the Houses of Parliament to meet the new Chair of the Parliamentary All Party Group Chris Law, MP for Dundee West (Law was elected to represent Dundee West in the 2015 General Election).  The aim of the meeting was to introduce the work of MAG and to explore the options for working together.
‘Mr Law’s level of experience and commitment to the motorcycling agenda are self-evident,’ says Leon.  ‘He’s been riding motorcycles for most of his life – further, longer and at higher altitudes than most riders ever will!  He also has high hopes for the All-Party Group.  MAG is ready, willing and able to support him, especially when it comes to promoting common sense about regulations.’
Lembit adds ‘Chris Law is one of those people who inspire confidence the moment you meet him.  His attitude is honest, his style straight-talking, and his understanding of riders’ rights unsurpassed.  I was Chair of the All-Party Group myself.  It is a powerful voice in Parliament and can influence Ministerial thinking.  Chris will speak up for freedom from overbearing legislation and promote the case for encouraging motorbikes as part of the solution to our congestion and environmental problems.  This could also help bring the three big voices for biking closer together: riders, manufacturers and politicians.  Leon and Chris had a particularly effective discussion.  The real winner will be motorcycling itself.’    
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