MAG members call out unworkable policy decisions at Annual Conference

On Saturday 28th September, at their 45th Annual Group Conference (AGC), MAG members generated a strong and uncompromising message regarding what they see as unworkable and unrealistic transport policies that are being promoted by politicians of all colours.

During the Conference, a series of proposals made by former MAG National Chairman, Neil Liversidge, were discussed and put to the vote.  All passed; most by an overwhelming majority.

The proposals progress and solidify MAG’s position, which promotes freedom of choice in personal transport, and an integrated transport system that works for all members of society, the economy and the environment.

The position defined by these proposals rejects the proposed 2040 ban on the sale of internal combustion-powered vehicles, or any similar ban at any other date.  Promoting freedom of choice, the position rejects assumptions that electrification of the entire vehicle fleet in the UK is achievable.  It does, however, support electrification and improvement of an affordable public transport network, which will naturally encourage voluntary reductions in the use of private transport.  Finally, the introduction of fully autonomous vehicles on UK roads is opposed, due to the evidence suggesting that they will never be sufficiently safe on a road environment that must necessarily accommodate motorcyclists and cyclists without segregation.

A further resolution, brought by Life Member, Stephen Kearney, also reaffirmed the central role of motorcycles in MAG’s vision, which promotes motorcycles as the most efficient and least polluting fossil fuel-powered transport mode.

Neil Liversidge said “We recognise that transport needs to change given the UK’s dense population, but dictatorial measures such as banning ICE vehicles are not the way to do it. Put in a proper public transport system so people have a real choice, and let them keep their bikes and cars and way of life.  A lot is talked these days about respecting different cultures: well, we have a culture too and we demand that it is respected also. ICE vehicles have brought massive benefits to millions of people that electric vehicles will never realistically bring.

People have realised in the last few years that they have taken too much for too long from politicians who don’t really represent them at all.
This is the people pushing back… and it’s only the beginning.”

Speaking after the Conference, MAG Vice Chair, Andy Carrott, who chaired the event, said “This has been another very successful AGC, where MAG members from around the country came together to celebrate and recognise the work of the many volunteers that make MAG the effective organisation it is today. The meeting faced some tough questions, and there is never unanimity of views, but these resolutions were well debated from a range of perspectives. It was evident that members at the conference support an integrated transport network, with drivers and riders alike free to choose their transport mode (with both ICE and electric vehicles as part of the mix), without increased risk to vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motorcyclists. The fact that we can hold these controversial discussions in such a respectful and balanced way gives great credit to our members and the organisation.”

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