MAG News release – MAG Dispels the great Vehicle Excise Duty myth

Yesterday, MAG learned – via sources at the DVLA and an MP, that the Government is using the scrapping of the tax disc to pretend that Vehicle Excise Duty belongs to the owner and not the vehicle.

Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, this is not the case – the VED currently belongs to the vehicle.

According to our contact, the changes to the VED system (which will take place in October) are all to do with the Finance Bill 2014, which states how the Government raises its revenue for the coming year. There is currently a Government consultation in place – everyone has the right of reply, until the 4th of February.

John Mitchell, MAG National Chairman is not pleased with the blatant misinformation that is being given out over the internet: “Getting any future owner of a vehicle to tax it immediately on purchasing – rendering any existing VED invalid – will generate a large sum of cash for the Government; no doubt it will pay for the rebrand of the DVLA for the merger with the Driving Standards Agency (which becomes the DVSA in April).

It is
now time for a proper debate on the future of VED for all vehicles – especially for motorcycles. MAG is now committed to campaigning for the exemption of motorcycles/PTWs from VED. Questions are also to be asked in Parliament.”

More information can be found on the Government website here: