MAG praises council for getting a grip on manhole covers

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has applauded Cumbria County Council for taking the decision to deal actively with the dangers presented by metal manhole covers to those riding motorcycles and scooters.

Councillor Paul Turner is a former Chair of MAG and has been promoting the case for looking at the problem and finding a solution.  He says ‘I’ve been encouraging the Council to take action on an issue which has literally killed and maimed riders all over the country for many years.  Now, Cumbria County Council has taken an energetic lead in putting an end to the horrifying risks associated with wet or frozen metal manhole covers.  The Council’s decision to progressively replace the old with the new is a testimony to the fact that they are listening to common sense and I am pleased to have been able to bring the matter to their attention.’

The manholes covers, which will be used by Cumbria Council from now on, have a high-grip coating which means that riders will not find themselves suddenly compromised by the change in the frictional qualities of the surface under their tyres.  This is important in terms of controlling a two-wheeler and the change will certainly reduce the accident risk in the county.  The Cumbria Road Safety Partnership, consisting of Council and police representatives, is also monitoring implementation of the new manhole covers policy.

MAG’s representative in the region, Michael Armstrong, has praised the work of the Council and Cllr Turner.  ‘‘We’ve been raising this issue for years and a promise was made by representatives of the Council that they would look into it.  They’ve done that and I’m sure Paul has played his part.  MAG is proud to promote the good work of this Council.  We need to make sure it’s a precedent to be repeated around the country.  Cumbria has got a grip on a serious safety issue and we’ll be highlighting their decision as a role model for other councils to follow.  We look forward to working with Paul and the Cumbria Road Safety Partnership, providing a motorcyclists perspective.’’

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