MAG praises tolls precedent at Severn Bridges

MAG has welcomed the ‘kept promise’ of removing all tolls from the Severn Bridge crossings, after 52 years of charges.

MAG has spoken in support of the removal of crossing charges at the two bridges which connect South Wales with England, after over half a century of tolls. These charges, which have not applied to motorcycles, were applied to traffic for decades, causing delays and creating a considerable additional cost to road users.

MAG’s Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Lembit Öpik, has highlighted the importance of this decision: ‘at a time when other parts of Britain are doing their best to impose new toxic taxes and crossing charges on our vehicles, it is pleasing to see a much more common-sense approach at the Severn Bridges. This removal of tolls was promised many years ago, and they’ve kept that promise.

‘By contrast, there is an on-going debate in many of the country’s cities about introducing taxes on the pretext of reducing pollution – and some of these threaten motorcycles. Also, we are engaged in discussions about possible charges for various Thames crossings. You don’t make the world noticeably healthier by slapping additional costs on road users who have little or no alternative to using their vehicles, largely in the pursuit of employment obligations.

‘The Severn Bridge decision is a role model for the rest of the UK and we hope it is a sign that ever-higher road user charges have an alternative, which removes what amounts to a stealth tax from connecting economically significant parts of Britain.’

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