MAG prepares for The Next General Election

It’s official! We’re less than one year away from the next General Election.

MAG has never been more focussed, determined and able to get its message across. And the message is simple: riders are voters too. That sounds like a slogan. It is. But it’s a slogan for a reason. Almost 1 in 10 electors are qualified motorcyclists, people who understand the excitement, attraction and economy of using motorcycles and scooters. In the past, we’ve been gentle. We’ve tried to appeal to politicians from a distance. Now, we’re right in there, up close and personal. We’re asking each of you to write to your local MP, and all the candidates standing against them. Ask them two questions:

  1. Do you agree with the general stated view that motorcycles are a valid component in Britain’s transport agenda?
  2. Will you meet representatives of the Motorcycle Action Group before September 2014, to consider three policy areas which you might be willing to support in regard to transport policy?’

By securing a meeting, you’ll ensure no candidate can ignore riders’ rights after the next General Election. We’ve never had so much momentum. Help us turn it into something which helps make the UK the riding capital of the world.’

Lembit Öpik

Director of Communications and Public Affairs