MAG Prepares to Defend Motorcycling

The Motorcycle Action Group is preparing to defend motorcycling in the forthcoming Parliamentary scrutiny of Road Safety.

The Parliamentary Transport Select Committee has announced that it is to hold a scrutiny into Road Safety. The Committee will inquire into what further policies could be considered to reduce the risk of death and injury between now and 2010 ‘when the current target period comes to an end’  and beyond.

Although the Committee will look at all transport modes and measures to improve road safety the fact that motorcycling is viewed as a high risk transport mode will not escape the members of the committee. The fact is that the relative risk of a motorcycle rider being killed or seriously injured per kilometre travelled was 51 times higher in 2006 than for car drivers.

Motorcycling is, however, becoming safer and the casualty rate for those killed or seriously injured was 27% lower in 2006 than it was in 1994. This is even more favourable when compared with an increase of 37% in the amount of motorcycling traffic between 1996 and 2006.

David Short MAG Campaigns Manager is preparing the MAG response to the committee and will be giving evidence at the scrutiny.

David says, “It is essential that motorcycling is not regarded as an easy target by the road safety lobby. There will be those calling for speed and power limiters and punitive legislation and MAG will put forward rationale and considered arguments to ensure a balanced view is received. Yes motorcycling carries a higher risk than other transport modes but these can be ameliorated by continuous improvement in the measures that already exist. The new test procedures, schemes like BikeSafe, improved roads and better education for all road users will enhance motorcycling which in turn will help reduce traffic congestion, minimise environmental impact and provide greater social mobility.” 

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