MAG presents to All Party Motorcycle Group

MAG’s Campaigns and Policy Adviser, Dr Leon Mannings, presented MAG’s riders’ rights agenda to the All Party Parliamentary Motorcycle Group (APPMG) in the House of Commons on Wednesday 15th March.

The invitation to attend came from APPMG Chairman, Chris Law MP, and the event was organised by Craig Carey-Clinch who provides the secretariat services to the Group.

Dr Mannings explained how MAG is promoting and protecting the rights and interests of bikers across the UK.  He also illustrated the way in which MAG is taking more effective action than ever to get policy-shapers to properly consider the positive role of motorcycling.

Dr Mannings contrasted how bikers were being treated in comparison to other ‘vulnerable’ road users.  A key topic was the adverse impacts of some aspects of cycle-lane schemes such as ‘Light Segregation’ in the form of Armadillos, Orcas and Mini Orcas.  These concerns were underlined by the ‘We Ride London’ (WRL) campaign group who also gave a presentation.

After the meeting, Leon said: ‘the helpful invitation to make this presentation has enabled us to take another step forward for bikers and motorcycling in the UK.  It’s great to be in a room where everyone really gets the importance of riders’ rights and the positive role that motorcycling can and must play in improving mobility and tackling congestion-related problems.’

MAG will continue to work with the All Party Group and with the industry to keep riders’ rights in the forefront of people’s thinking as policies are shaped for cities and the open road.

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