MAG Raises Membership Subscription

After lengthy deliberation MAG has decided to raise subscription rates from £20 to £25 for single membership.

The decision has been arrived at reluctantly and reflects a recognition of the unrealistically low level of the membership subscription in relation to MAG’s present agenda and ambitions. The need for the rise has been further necessitated by the loss of funding from a major event that had to be cancelled last year due to foul weather.
Furthermore MAG is engaged in an expansion of its political programmes, taking on more issues where injustice is identified or opportunities for enhancing the convenience of motorcycling appear.
Greatly encouraged by the fruit of long campaigning on the bus lane access issue for example, MAG is trying to win over those remaining London councils who bar motorcycles from streets not managed by Transport For London.  Issues like this and the recent fiasco over the new bike test arrangements serve to illuminate the need for a highly professional and well staffed body to represent motorcycling.
MAG Chairman Paul Turner stressed the inevitability of the subscription rise.
‘With the huge shortfall in income in 2007 we have been unable to replace our Campaigns Manager David Short who left last year. The manpower shortage has put huge and unsustainable strain on our General Manager Nich Brown.
‘Nich has made fantastic progress in maximising efficiency at MAG’s Rugby office while also fulfilling the political brief but this situation can not go on indefinitely.
It is unfortunate timing given the economic situation but we believe that MAG members will recognise the simple reality of the situation. We floated the idea of raising the subscription at MAG’s Annual Group Conference and overwhelmingly the meeting endorsed the notion of a rise of this magnitude.’
The new fee will not be introduced until November 1 so prospective members can save themselves a fiver if they join now. This is the first rise in the MAG membership subscription since 2002.
To join MAG telephone 01788 570065. Alternatively you can download our membership form from the JOIN US section of the website and send it with a cheque made payable to MAG UK to the following address:

Motorcycle Action Group
PO BOX 750
CV21 3ZR