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We are.

There has never been a better time to be a member of the UK’s leading riders rights organisation. You can make a difference. Come and join us. We have great parties too!

MAG is rebranding and refreshing its image in order to make a bold statement to all motorcyclists that MAG is here for everyone. Whether you ride a twist and go step through or the latest sports bike MAG will represent you. Anti biking legislation does not differentiate between motorcycle types, we are all affected and subject to prejudice and misinformation peddled by the anti biking brigade.

It is only by standing united that we can challenge and defeat these prejudices. MAG will provide you, as a member, with the ‘power in parliament’.

The relaunch and rebranding is a wake-up call to motorcyclists everywhere to come and join us. This website is being developed to present a dynamic and vibrant place to visit for all your biking needs.

The Chair of MAG, Jane Chisholm says ‘This is a most exciting time in the development of MAG, we have influence at the heart of government. Our management has never been more dynamic, innovative and forward thinking. MAG is building on this new confidence to ensure that the freedom enjoyed and understood by all motorcyclists is safeguarded well into the future. We will welcome you and make you proud to be part of this wonderful and influential organisation.

The future is ours

The UK’s Leading Riders’ Rights Organisation