MAG salutes an ace man from an Ace Café

MAG has awarded one of its highest honours to Mark Wilsmore, owner of the Ace Café, for services rendered to biking.

MAG presents the Simon Millward Lifetime Achievement Award to a person who, over their lifetime, has made a significant contribution to motorcycling.  In 2017 that person is Mark Wilsmore.  MAG’s Vice Chair, Andy Carrott, is in no doubt that the recognition of Mark’s contribution is richly deserved: ‘Mark’s passion for bringing back the Ace Café has turned it into a British icon known all over the world. A visit to the Ace Café has become a rite of passage for any motorcyclist.  No wonder, then, that visitors from countless nations head for their counter to order a ‘fry-up’ at this most famous of motorcycling venues.’

Andy is certain that Mark’s visionary leadership has led the Ace Café’s reputation for influencing the retro scene: ‘we’ve seen the Rocker culture merge with a new-age urban custom movement.  All the major manufacturers have bikes in their range with roots in exactly this culture: the one Mark has resolutely kept alive. Without Mark, there would be no Ace Café and he justly deserves the award in recognition of the part he has played in the history of motorcycling.’

Mark collected the award at MAG’s recent annual conference where he thanked the movement and called on its activists to continue to increase the strength and volume of the riders’ voice.  Greater London MAG regularly meets at the Ace and everyone is welcome to attend.

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