MAG says ride on Westminster

MAG is encouraging its members to join the mass ride on March 31st in opposition to parking charges by Westminster City Council.

Assembly point is the ACE Café near Hanger Lane on London’s North Circular Road at 3pm. Ride out departs 4.15pm for Trafalgar Square. There will then be a ride to Westminster City Hall by 6.45pm.

The “No To Bike Parking Tax Campaign”, organisers of the run, share MAG¹s longstanding aim of increasing the scale of motorcycle parking and keeping it free.

There is to be a meeting of the council at 7pm on the evening of the demo where MAG General-Secretary, Nich Brown, will address the council and argue for a return to free parking ” Motorcycles and scooters are part of the solution to congestion and mobility problems, take-up about one-sixth of the parking space demanded by a car and should be encouraged not discouraged. We need a mass well ordered demonstration to convince councillors of the broad opposition to charging that exists” he said.

Ride starts from: ACE Café Ace Corner, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London NW10 7UD.