MAG starts the New Year happy after ‘fast and furious’ 2016

MAG has everything to look forward to in 2017: here’s why.

‘It’s breath-taking how much has happened in the world of riders’ rights over the last three years.’  So says Selina Lavender, the Chair of MAG, speaking about the prodigious output of the movement over the last twelve months.  ‘Our staff had a fast and furious 2016 with immense challenges.  These included legal, political and logistical issues, and they pretty much defined a year of hard graft.  It also means we begin 2017 far ahead of where we were this time last year.’

What’s on the agenda for 2017?  ‘We’ll be taking the same inclusive and team-spirited approach’ continued Selina.  ‘We’re not looking for fights, we’re looking for allies – and that’s the hallmark of the organisation’s way of operating.  We’ll be visiting the Department for Transport a lot, to discuss everything from how you get a bike licence through to the challenges presented by autonomous vehicles.  There’s the threat of bikes being charged to use Thames crossings, a motorcycle and scooter theft epidemic, especially in London, and the use of overly-restrictive injunctions to control anti-social behaviour, which could potentially harm the freedoms of legitimate riders too.  In every case we engage, debate and propose better solutions to shared concerns.

‘It’s not glamorous work, and it requires a great deal of research. But our team has proven its ability to deliver, and they’re building their credibility all the time.  Let’s be clear: 2017 is going to be a big year for riders’ liberties.  MAG is right up there defending your right to ride.  We also invite dealers and the manufacturing sector to support our work.  What we do sustains the market by defending the freedom to ride.  It’s got to be a team effort, and we hope the sector as a whole will work to protect and promote riding in the years ahead – starting in 2017.  If we can do that, it really will be a happy new year for biking.’

MAG invites riders, dealers, mechanics and manufacturers to join MAG and help create a united voice for the common good of the riding community.

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