MAG steps up to address London bike thefts

MAG is increasing its intervention in the worsening bike theft epidemic in the country’s capital, following the death of rider Ricky Hayden.

Tim Fawthrop, MAG’s London Representative, is like most London motorcyclists getting increasingly frustrated with the plight of the city’s riders, who are under increasing threat from bike thieves who present a violent threat to the capital’s 200,000+ riders.  Motorcyclist Mr Hayden was senselessly murdered on Tuesday, 13th September 2016, after he and his father were stabbed by thieves who were attempting to steal his moped from outside his home in Chadwell Heath, East London.

Tim Fawthrop says “the situation has got completely out of hand.  Mr Hayden’s murder is an extreme and unforgivable example of the risks riders now face. The police seem ill equipped to assist, and the criminals know it.  MAG is now working with riders in the city to put together some responses to this issue.  We want to work with the police, councils and governing bodies to prevent further thefts and harm to riders.”

MAG has been working with the UK’s Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group to find lasting solutions to thefts and robberies which have seen riders being physically assaulted by these thieves.  “We’re going to organise a series of awareness raising events, which we hope will make Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London, the metropolitan police, the Greater London Authority and the politicians realise how serious this has become and devote more resources to this issue. Mr Hayden’s death is the latest example of how the robberies have escalated and it seems almost inevitable that this might occur.  We can’t wait any longer – we need riders and the authorities working together to prevent further harm.”’

MAG is offering condolences and support to Ricky Hayden’s family.

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