MAG Supports 1 July Mega Demo – No To Bike Parking Tax in Westminster

5,000 motorcycle riders are expected to join a ‘Mega Objection’ against over-charging of bike parking fees by Westminster City Council.

The demonstration to be held in London on the evening of 1st July 2009 follows earlier rallies attracting several thousand riders.

The No To Bike Parking Tax Campaign says a recent report from Westminster City Council admits it has raised FOUR MILLION POUNDS in the last six months by over-charging motorcycles parked in bays that are free to use in the rest of Britain. Westminster City Council has been forced to admit the extent of their gross over-charging and over-zealous fines due to effective campaigning by the No To Bike Parking Tax Campaign organised by Westminster residents and commuters.

Westminster Council is trying to counter mounting public anger at the over-charging of motorcyclists by proposing limited reductions to on-street parking charges and restricting free-parking for riders to unsuitable areas of some multi-storey car parks. Adding injury to insult, Westminster CC say they intend to give the money raised from bikers to encourage commuters to share cars rather than travel by bike.

The Motorcycle Action Group, Britain’s leading riders’ organisation, supports the campaign in its efforts to get a better deal for bikers in Westminster and elsewhere.
MAG spokesperson Nich Brown says “Riders reduce congestion and use fuel more efficiently, yet receive little recognition. Free on-street parking is one of the very few ways local authorities have previously recognised the role of motorcycling – even this is now under threat”.

In a fit of political theatrics reminiscent of the Tehran regime, Westminster City Council has attempted to quieten dissent by forcing the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign website to be shut down. Campaigners have responded by using Facebook ( and other open-access communication routes to organise their resistance.

Campaigners are urging every rider to do their bit NOW to secure high quality, free, on-street bike parking for everyone. Official objection forms can be downloaded from


Objection Mega Dem: Wednesday 1st July 2009. Meet GOLDEN SQUARE, W1 between 5.45pm and 6.20pm, leaving at 6:30pm for ride to Westminster City Hall to arrive at 7pm.

Westminster City Council has promulgated new traffic orders which are currently open to objections for 3 weeks from 11th June 09 to 2nd July 09.

On the eve of the final day for objections the campaigners will be
organising a MEGA OBJECTION HAND IN DEMO at Westminster City Hall,
Victoria St, SW1. This is one of the few occasions when anybody truly against this tax can have their say, and to have that opinion officially noted.

Riders are urged to download and fill in the official objection form
( and bring it along to the demo.

To stay informed, sign up to weekly updates and email alerts, plus details of the campaign and previous protest events visit


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