MAG supports MPs quiz into new test fiasco

The House of Commons Transport Select Committee is to hold an official inquiry in to the Driving Standards Agency’s handling of the new motorcycle riding test that has resulted in widespread reports of injured riders and inadequate test facilities.

MAG welcomed the announcement that MPs have heeded its calls for an inquiry, which comes after more than a year of campaigning for the DSA to make sure the test is safe and accessible for all riders.

The new test was required to satisfy a directive from the European Union to check riders’ ability to swerve and brake.  After successfully campaigning for the new test to be delayed by six months to allow DSA extra time to get it right, MAG has regularly warned DSA that the new test arrangements were still not fit for purpose.  The new test was finally introduced in April 2009, and from the first day resulted in a series of rider casualtes.

Decisions by DSA to introduce the test in ways not mandated by the EU have been questioned by MAG and other groups representing the motorcycling community.

Consequently, there are too few test centres and many test candidates are now required to travel long distances to take the test. Concerns have also been raised about the safety of riders taking the off-road test, particularly the ‘swerve and stop’ test and especially in wet weather.

The Transport Committee inquiry will question whether DSA interpreted the EU Second Driving Licence Directive correctly, whether the new test is safe and whether there enough motorcycle test centres where they need to be.

MAG is gathering further evidence before submitting its findings to the Select Committee and invites anyone affected by or concerned about the new test to contact the organisation’s General Secretary Nich Brown.

Nich Brown: Tel 01788 570066  or   Email