MAG to work with the United Nations on transport policy

MAG will be working in partnership with the United Nations on motorcycling’s role in global transport policy.
MAG has received communication from the United Nations Environment Department, expressing their eagerness to work with the Motorcycle Action Group on promoting modal shift towards powered two and three wheelers.

This landmark development was announced in a reply to MAG’s Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Lembit Öpik: ‘As our understanding of the environmental agenda has deepened, we have inevitably found ourselves having to contact higher authorities,’ explains Lembit. ‘Our constant aim has been to ensure that motorcycles are being treated as part of the solution to reducing congestion and pollution – as well as cost – for private journeys.  I approached the United Nations because they are so influential in terms of environmental strategies. We have made a real breakthrough – and we’re clearly speaking to the right people there. This development is of global importance for motorcycling and its role in transport planning.’

The letter, received from the UN, states: ‘As you accurately stated in your letter, motorcycles could provide a short-term and immediate way to reduce emissions now.’ It adds: ‘We are delighted to hear of your interest in working with the United Nations on this important initiative and look forward to working with you as well.’

MAG’s next step is to engage with the UN Air Quality and Mobility Unit, to establish terms of reference for the collaboration. ‘I believe this is the most significant development for motorcycles in relation to environmental policies in recent history,’ adds Lembit. ‘What we do now will have implications for motorcycling across the planet.

‘It shows that diligent activity can lead to internationally significant partnerships. It is an exciting prospect to be working with the UN. It’s a win for them, the environment and all road users the world over. I’m pleased to be able to share such good news so early in 2019.’
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