MAG welcomes GLA ‘Easy Rider’ Report on policy responses to motorcycling by Transport for London (TfL)

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has made significant contributions to a ground breaking investigation and report on TfL’s approach to motorcycling and casualty reduction for Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) riders in the Capital.

See GLA press release link: HERE

MAG Chair, Selina Lavender said: “This report has great potential to help TfL and policy makers in all UK urban areas improve the way that motorcycling and the interests and safety of bikers are treated. As Val Shawcross, GLA Transport Committee Chair rightly points out, motorcyclists have been overlooked in public discussion about road safety in recent years – but this report does a lot to reverse that trend. And, although we appreciate some of the things TfL have done recently, we also share the concerns raised by the GLA about the need for much more to be done.”

The report was published by the Greater London Authority Transport Committee on Thursday 3rd March 2016 link: HERE

It praised TfL for publishing a new Urban Motorcycling Design Handbook link: HERE, which was initially proposed by MAG and is aimed at highlighting aspects of road scheme design that may have adverse impacts on PTW riders.

But it also identified a number of concerns and recommendations that TfL needs to focus on if it is to make motorcycling safer in London.

The first was a need for TfL to update the Motorcycle Safety Action Plan “accompanied by a dedicated budget”. Other key areas for sharper focus and action included:

  • A better understanding of why motorcyclist casualties occur
  • Doing more to encourage motorcycle access to all bus lanes across the Capital
  • Increasing education about safe riding
  • Setting targets for increasing uptake of Bikesafe schemes
  • Taking the needs of all vulnerable road users into account in the design of road schemes – and ensuring that guidance in TfL’s new Handbook is applied to all future proposals for modifications of roads in London
  • More focus on the role of PTWs in solving congestion problems

MAG’s observations and concerns were made in a formal written submission, input as one of four key stakeholders by Campaigns and Policy Adviser, Dr Leon Mannings and an informal meeting with the Transport Committee Chair and colleagues which included Leon alongside Lembit Opik, MAG’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs.

The Greater London Assembly’s Transport committee devoted an entire public meeting to a review of TfL’s approach and performance on October 15th, 2015.