MAG’s 2012 Annual General Conference is this Saturday 14th April

Chiltern Park Areodrome, near Wallingford, OX10 6AS, is the venue for this year’s Conference, starting at 10am.

For those arriving Friday night there is a camping and a small party with live music, a free service courtesy of this year’s hosts, Wycombe MAG.

The Conference starts at 10am and is all over by 5.30pm at the very latest, but don’t worry- there’s a lunchbreak. MAG is now so vibrant it’s little wonder that the day may be oversubscribed. There are elections to be contested for various positions, such is the health of the organisation.

Standing for Directorships of the Board we have:

Jonathan ‘Jono’ Broad       Membership number 129345
(Valerie) Selina Lavender  Membership number 94077
Jolyon Lawson                   Membership number 97448
Neil Liversidge                   Membership number 23660
Pete Walker                       Membership number 60087
Steve Wykes                      Membership number 89454

for Chair

Den Powell                       Membership number 121809

and for National Finance Officer

Patrick van Aalst             Membership number 105550

There is one Motion to Conference, that proxy voting be permitted in future, which illustrates the desire for Members’ involvement in this growing organisation.

After the event itself, there is the Dirty Donkey Party with music, real ales, burlesque show and more, all for only £5! Check for ticket availablity.

The following day there is a rideout to the launch of another new MAG group, at The ACE Cafe in London (Sunday 15th 12-2pm) . Ever Upwards!