MAG’s world went better than the rest of the world

MAG has had a year characterised by results.  The biking world is in better shape at the end of the year than it was at the beginning.

MAG was founded at a time when civil liberties were being compromised and the international situation looked very unstable.  While history may be repeating itself in some respects on the world stage, the Motorcycle Action Group has had one of the most productive periods in its 43-year existence.

MAG’s Chair, Selina Lavender, is impressed with the level of output:
‘2016 has seen MAG change gear to become the clear voice of riders in a hugely credible way.  We’ve established lasting relationships with decision-makers at local and national level.  Our work with the motorcycle industry has become strategic.  We’re helping to spearhead the campaign to deal with motorcycle-related crime.  We’ve challenged insane cycle-lane schemes which have harmed all powered traffic for little benefit to the economy, environment or society.  We’ve submitted a significant number of responses to local and national Government consultations; possibly more than at any time in our history.  And we’re being taken seriously in debates about the future of transport, in terms of autonomous vehicles, the strategic roads network and the environmental agenda.  I’d say we’ve had a pretty good year.’

MAG’s focus for 2017 is more of the same.  Selina adds: ‘a lot of the work we do is not glamorous, dramatic or newsworthy.  Meeting local authority officers is very much a desk job, as is the submission of serious comments to Government consultations.  That’s how we make progress.  It’s hardly surprising we now have a growing network, with new groups in London, Northern Ireland and elsewhere.  We can take nothing for granted; these achievements have been earned and the more we do the more we are taken seriously.  It’s high-octane stuff – and the results prove that riders are now being taken seriously in a way which was desperately needed.  I want to thank everyone – activists and professional staff alike – for a tremendous year of progress.  While the world has had its fair share of shocks and disappointments, most of what’s happened in MAG’s world has been enormously positive.  Let’s keep that momentum going – and let’s keep delivering results in the interests of liberty and riding.’

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