Mainstream press reports bikes positively

It’s great to see the Daily Telegraph reporting positively about motorcycle use and how bikes can improve the traffic situation for all road users.

The article it published today, draws attention to a TML report presented to the ACEM conference back in February and which MAG highlighted at the time. It’s great to see reports like this being taken seriously by the broadsheet papers, though the article by Kevin Ash omits to mention the April 2011 study released by Transport for London. That study, focussing on the environmental advantages of motorcycles using bus lanes and central to the decision to allow bikes permanent access to bus lanes in London, also extolls the virtues of motorcycling for the good of all.

MAG continually campaigns on the merits of motorcycles and the part they can play to ease congestion and improve environmental conditions.

The full TML report on motorcycles and commuting can be read here