Matlock MAG off to a great start

A new group started in Matlock Bath last night and over 50 riders attended the event, which meant the room that had been booked wasn’t big enough, so the meeting spilled outside to the street!

Organised by Simon Jones, the event was held in the Fishpond pub, the landland of which, rides an HP2!

The rare BMW added to the great mix of bikes outside the pub, really highlighting that no matter what you ride, you are welcome in MAG, like all the new members who signed up last night by Direct Debit!

Paddy Tyson attended from MAG Central and Juliet McVie the East Mids Regional Rep was on hand to answer questions and offer advice about getting this, the 4th new group in the East Midlands, up and running.

Parking in Matlock was one of the issues discussed, because the Council seem  to have announced a new (private company) parking charging system for bikes, without any public or stakeholder consultation, and before it has been voted on by councillors!

Matlock survives on the tourist revenue that riders bring to the town, so the idea of penalising them in order to discourage them, is something local businesses and riders, aren’t too happy about. Now that a MAG group exists we should be able to get the bottom of the situation and fight to ensure that riders aren’t discouraged from the area, but that they are included in consultations.

If a privatised phone payment system is going to be used, similar to that employed by Westminster City Council, it immediately disenfranchises the 30% of the population who do not have credit cards, as well as encouraging crime, as riders will be forced to stand in the street with their wallets and credit cards out. If it’s your first time it can take up to 9 minutes to pay, on a premium rate line.

Watch this space for news of local MAG action and thanks again to Simon for taking the initiative and all those who attended.