Message from MAG President, Ian Mutch

MAG wishes to thank all the riders who came on our Motorway protest ride and demonstrated the resolve and discipline of which our lobby is capable. 

Inevitably there were some who misunderstood the mission and indulged behaviour that MAG finds it difficult to defend. Most of this activity took place after the twenty-minute MAG demonstrations that we planned but will of course still be connected with MAG’s day of action.

While our limited staff would like to be entirely engaged in maximizing the positive results of Sunday’s efforts, pacifying those authorities whose co-operation can make future demonstrations so much more effective, is now consuming time.

What we ask all riders to do is think clearly about what their efforts are likely to achieve and try to see the big picture.

MAG is not an anarchist organisation. We do not hold demonstrations for their own sake or simply to obstruct others. We hold demonstrations to engage the rider community and publicise issues.

The current legislative threats are European and our lobbying efforts in the UK are attracting support from British politicians whose support on the European stage is crucial. Of course we could not have expected to get 40,000 riders across the Channel on Sunday but a demonstration on this scale will be heard of in Brussels and will be supplemented by our lobbying efforts both here and there.

Thanks again to all who stuck with the plan. The Facebook film depicting solid twin lines of bikes in the two nearside lanes provided such a positive image of disciplined resolve.

Ian Mutch
MAG President