Minister agrees to create a new motorcycle rider test facility in Wales

As part of the implementation of the 2nd EU Licence Directive, the DSA closed its 250 rider testing facilities and replaced them with just 44 multi purpose test centres (MPTC).

This left many parts of the country in a situation where students had to ride over 100 miles to do their module 1 test and cost training schools so much time and money that many have gone out of business. Indeed nationally the numbers taking their test has fallen by 50% since April 2009 and in Ceredigion training schools have seen their custom down by 65%.

Yesterday’s meeting with the Minister was attended by Mark Williams MP, his constituents Ken Huntley and Roy Osborne (Instructors who have been stalwarts in the campaign to get fair access to facilities) and MAG’s Paddy Tyson.

Paddy Tyson said “MAG is confident that the Minister really wants to make a difference and will ensure the temporary facility is opened in Wales as soon as possible. The enthusiam he has shown since taking office, most significantly the announcement of a full review into the testing procedure, is very welcome indeed.”

Perhaps more significantly, Mr Penning said that he would like to open up the review process to include the possibility of creating a register of instructors, similar to the ADI system for driving instructors. This would open the door to the training option being included as a way for novices to proceed through the graduated licencing system which is due to come into play Jan 2013.

That may sound dreadfully dull, but it’s great news!