More MAG Bus Lane Success in Sussex

In the Brighton bus lane trial which started in May of Last year, part of the A259 bus lane was outside Brighton City Council’s control, as it came under East Sussex County Council’s jurisdiction.

The Lead Member of ESCC has agreed that following the successful trial on the A23 in Brighton and on the A259 coast road from Rottingdean to Telscombe, motorcycles and cyclists will be able to use the ESCC bus lanes on a permanent basis and that the TRO will be made permanent.

ESCC has also confirmed that it is their intention (subject to the necessary TRO) that motorcycles and cyclists will also be permitted to use the new bus lanes along the A259 Bexhill Road, between Glyne Gap and Hastings, when they are installed next summer.

That is a major coup for MAG. We have won advance permission to use bus lanes before they are even built! The same thing happened with Eastbourne thanks to former South East Rep, Tony Carter eight or nine years ago.

The anti-bikes in bus lane argument is losing momentum by the day.