Motorbikes firmly on the Agenda in Brighton

MAG’s Simon Frampton and Chris Cordell have been working hard for 12 months to improve biking in Brighton and Hove and can report yet another success.

Simon attended a another council meeting yesterday, putting the case for biking and a Deputation for opening the Brighton and Hove bus lanes to bikes was well received¬† and is now firmly on the Council’s agenda.

We are delighted to welcome the comments of Ian Davey, Deputy Leader (Non-Executive) of the City Council and Cabinet Member for Transport & Public Realm, who has now stated that ‘Powered 2 Wheelers’ are part of the solution to congestion in B&H and that motorcycles should be part of Transport Policy.
He also commented how pleased he was with the progress local MAG activists have made in engaging the Council and explaining the case for bikes.

This is a terrific development, because Councillor Davey is a member of the Green Party, as so many of his colleagues are in B&H Council.

MAG has always stated that motorcycles are part of the immediate solution to the environmental problems of urban congestion and poor air quality, as well as helping to reduce infrastructure wear and tear, so should be central to a Transportation Policy that considers alternative modes.