Motorcycle Action Group elects a Carrot as Vice-Chair

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the UK’s leading voice for riders’ rights, has elected a new Vice- Chair, and he’s a carrot – Andy Carrott to be precise.  Andy takes over from Dave Hammond, who has stepped aside for the time being for health reasons.

Andy, who has been riding motorbikes since 1977, has actively campaigned for riders’ rights since the 1980’s.  Andy’s choice of motorcycles has ranged from Bultaco to Ural – ‘I’ve not quite done the whole alphabet but I’m working on it.’
Andy said of his appointment, ‘none of us are glad to learn of Dave Hammond’s health issues, but I know he’s absolutely right to get those sorted out – it’s clearly the sensible thing to do.  MAG is hugely grateful for his contribution and I know he’ll be back soon enough to continue with that.  For me, to be a part of the Motorcycle Action Group at such a dynamic time in the movement’s history is a tremendous honour.  Our Chair, Selina Lavender, has defined the role of MAG as a campaigning body in a very clear way.  I don’t think anyone could have hoped for better and more focussed leadership.‘
Andy regards his role as centred on supporting the Chairman and strengthening MAG by growing the membership and building on the organisation’s increasingly influential political success – both nationally and locally.   ‘I’m really looking forward to getting on with the job.  Most of it isn’t glamorous or dramatic – but it’s all important.  MAG is the voice of riders’ rights.  I’m proud to serve as the Number 2 in the most effective bikers’ group in the UK – and possibly Europe.’
Selina Lavender added, ‘there are infinite possibilities for wordplay thanks to Andy’s surname.  However, this carrot’s roots are firmly planted in motorcycling.  He’s a priceless addition to the team – and given Dave Hammond’s need to focus on other matters right now, I can’t think of anyone better to fill the important position of Vice Chairman.  Exciting times for Andy – exciting times for MAG.’
Andy lives in Lincolnshire, and currently rides a Moto Guzzi.
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