Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) Director Neil Liversidge to stand down

MAG has announced that one of the leading campaigners for motorcyclists’ rights, Neil Liversidge, is resigning as Director of the organisation.

Neil, who was one of the key leaders as MAG restructured itself into a proactive, politically energetic movement, said;

Dear Fellow MAG Members

Last Thursday 9 June 2016 I asked MAG’s Board for permission to resign, which permission it has graciously granted.  My retirement is therefore effective as of 18.00 hours Saturday 11 June 2016.  In the years 1989-2002 when I Chaired MAG, and the year or so before that when I served as a co-opted member of the NC, I did it 100%.  I lived it.  MAG was my priority above almost everything; certainly above my paid employment, and I always felt that I was doing a great job. I know some others will disagree but they didn’t have to stand in my boots and face the issues I faced.  And I did face them. I never ducked one.  The same was the case through the time of my return in 2012 and the Tribunal.  I gave it everything and despite the undermining and the downright treachery we had to face, we got a great result.  MAG today is the living proof.  I regret nothing I did.  I’m proud of every minute of it, every action and every decision and I would do the same again today in the same circumstances.

I have always believed in some words I heard Muhammad Ali speak many years ago. I remembered them on the morning last week I learned of his death. In the 24 years of my working life before I had my own business I had to take some jobs that weren’t great  under managers I’d  rather not have had.  Regardless, Ali’s words inspired me to do every one of those jobs all as well as I could in the belief that it would pay off eventually. It did.  I commend these words of The Greatest to anyone who wants to get on in life and make a success of anything they attempt:

“I would have been the world’s greatest at whatever I did.  If I were a garbage man, I’d be the world’s greatest garbage man! I’d pick up more garbage and faster than anyone has ever seen. To tell you the truth, I would have been the greatest at whatever I’d done!  “If you’re going to do anything – be the greatest. Don’t be satisfied with second best. Go first class. Put 100% effort into everything you do. Don’t be slap dash. Add excellence as your secret ingredient to every task you undertake. Don’t remain a follower. Determine to be a leader.”

That is why I am retiring. I support MAG now as wholeheartedly as I did when I joined aged 18 in February 1982.  I shall maintain my Membership. It may be that somebody kindly wishes to bestow Honorary Life Membership on me.  Please don’t; I prefer to pay my way.  MAG’s ideas are my ideals. MAG’s principles are my principles. Writing chunks of the Constitution and the ‘What is MAG’ descriptor was a breeze to me. I didn’t have to think hard on what to write because came from the heart. None of that has changed. What has changed though is that with the growth of my business and my family, my life today is too full to allow me the time I need to properly fulfil the duties of a MAG Director.  I have to make space in my life.  I can’t do the MAG job half-heartedly and be second best.  If I can’t put 100% in then I can’t do the job at all.

So, goodbye.  I wish MAG, its staff and all of you all the well in the world.  The only advice I have to give is that you should remember the words of Muhammad Ali.  Then you’ll know what you need to do to be – and make MAG – The Greatest.

Ride Free

Neil F Liversidge
MAG Member 23660

And in a message to the National Committee, Neil wrote;

‘I wish MAG, the staff and all of you personally all the well in the world, and I exhort you to support your Board and in particular the National Chair who is doing a great job which I admire very much.  MAG has never in my experience had a better team than it has today.   You are doing a great job and can be proud of yourselves’

MAG’s Chair Selina Lavender has praised Neil’s contribution to the riders’ rights agenda across many years. ‘Neil is MAG through and through. He’s tirelessly contributed to our work at the cost of his health, his work and his family. No-one could have done more than Neil to help the organisation become the foremost voice for bikers in the UK and also in Europe.

The Board and the National Committee wish to take this opportunity to formally thank Neil and acknowledge his dedication to the organisation. We all wish Neil well and look forward to seeing him at our events in the future.’
As a result the Board now has two Director vacancies, one of which is a financial role. Anyone interested in these positions should contact the Board via

Contact MAG at and 01926 844 064