Motorcycle Action Group supports protests against Petrol & Diesel prices

The Motorcycle Action Group, MAG, support motorcyclists and motorists of all vehicle types who are taking part in demonstrations to highlight the unacceptable high cost of petrol and diesel.

The high cost of fuel in the UK is predominantly made up of revenue duty and VAT, which accounts for over 60% of the total cost. Little if any of the duty is reinvested on improving the road infrastructure and making the roads safer for motorcyclists.

MAG calls on the Government to reduce fuel duty to ease the burden of those who have no choice but to use private motorised transport and also to help industry and commerce move goods around the UK.

At a time when fuel economy is at a premium MAG point out that motorcycling offers a much more cost effective option to the car. All motorcycles will return a much better fuel economy than even the most fuel efficient car stuck in a traffic jam. Bikes beat traffic congestion and are consequently the ‘green’ way to travel.

MAG, Campaigns Manager, David Short says,

 ‘Fuel costs are increasing on a daily basis and with no sign of the trend letting up there has never been a better time to use a motorcycle as an alternative to the car. Small commuter motorcycles can achieve over 100mpg whilst larger capacity machines can deliver over 60mpg under normal traffic conditions. Demonstrations involving motorcycles highlight that you will never be alone on a bike, you are part of a growing community and you will be doing your bit to reduce fuel consumption and make your gallon of petrol go that much further’.

Notes to editors, David Short can be contacted on 077389 48080