MAG is highly motivated, lean, efficient, economic and very effective. MAG is a non-profit making organisation and all income is reinvested into campaigning and lobbying in pursuit of the MAG Mission.

MAG UK Ltd (the Company) is managed by the Board of elected Directors, overseen by the National Committee (NC) to ensure that the Board acts in the best interests of the members it represents.

The National Committee is made up of elected representatives from the regions across the UK.

Though the National Officers and co-optees may form part of the NC for discussion and input, only elected representatives/liaisons from the Region are allowed to vote on MAG Policy.

MAG membership stands at 50,000, made up from individual, corporate and club subscriptions.

The organisation employs four full-time staff and three contractors. Funding is raised from membership subscriptions, proceeds from MAG events and advertising in ‘The ROAD’ magazine and donations.

All income is channelled to the support of the MAG mission.

MAG accounts are closely scrutinised by the Board and National Committee and are subject to annual external audit.