Motorcycle film on schedule for July release

A new safety film aimed at motorcycle commuters is on schedule for release at the end of July.

‘The Commuter Survival Guide for Motorcyclists’, will provide practical tips and guidance for biking commuters aged 20-50 years.

The film, by ‘Fused’, is designed to plug the gap in resources for road safety practitioners and trainers to use when engaging with the commuter rider.

Filmed on location in a busy UK city centre, the film will feature a range of roads including central motorways, major ring roads, busy city streets and arterial ‘A’ roads.

Nick Todd of Fused said:  “New HD camera technology meant that we were able to capture footage from several camera angles, including the air, at any one time.

“As a result, the audience can view fresh perspectives on approaches to junctions, overtaking manoeuvres and filtering techniques that provide many opportunities for further discussion, especially in a training environment or as part of a ride course.”