Motorcycle Industry Announces Ride To Work Day 2006

The Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) has announced that this year’s Ride To Work Day will take place on Wednesday 19th July 2006.

This annual, international campaign aims to promote motorcycling and highlight the many social and environmental benefits associated with riding a motorcycle, scooter or moped.

The Association is encouraging all motorcyclists and even non-motorcyclists to participate in an activity to demonstrate to the public, press and politicians the number of people who enjoy riding motorcycles and scooters and that people from all walks of life are represented in this group who have opted to use two wheels to travel.

Ride 2 Work Day highlights that motorcycling:-

  • Cuts congestion

  • Cuts pollution

  • Cuts journey times

  • Is convenient and flexible

  • Is cost-effective

Samantha Tyson-Evans Press and PR Officer said, “Ride to Work Day promotes the diversity of motorcycling and the many benefits associated with riding on a bike or scooter, not least the congestion busting and journey time-reducing potential of motorcycling in congested urban areas”.

“The week will be run from the 16th – 23rd July and throughout the week events will be happening across the country and the MCI will be highlighting important political and social issues related to powered two-wheelers”.

“Ride to Work Day is the opportunity for riders to run fun events, for example, comparing journey times with car driving colleagues. Other local activities can be organised to support Ride 2 Work Day — including an event to show the local community how motorcycle use provides real benefits for those who ride — which can help challenge preconceived ideas about motorcycling”.

The MCI would like to hear from people who may be considering running a local event, so it can be promoted to the media and added onto the website.

Anyone who is interested in organising an event can find out more information on the MCIA’s website A free organiser?s pack will be available to download in April or if you would like to register for a copy please email


Editor’s Notes

For more information about Ride to Work Day or any other aspects of motorcycling please contact Samantha at the MCI Press Office on Tel: 02476 250820 Mobile: 07769 681166, email or MCI Director of Public Affairs Craig Carey-Clinch: 07979 757484 or

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