Motorcycle Tax Evasion – It’s Not Right

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) remain sceptical of the claim in a recent report that 40% of bikers evade paying VED.

Anecdotal visual studies carried out by the group at motorcycle events do not reflect anything remotely like this level of non compliance.

Unfortunately the media has jumped on this unreliable and suspect headline figure to brand motorcyclists as law breakers.

The report, from the House of Commons, Committee of Public Accounts, itself acknowledges that the methodology used to capture the data is suspect.

A recent series of expensive TV adverts advised us that the DVLA do not have to look on the road or in garages but simply at computer screens in order to identify tax evaders.

If this is the case then let them get on with it and fine all these defaulters. If it is not the case and the DVLA were completely wrong then it begs the question – are they wrong about the level of evasion?

MAG makes no apologies for those who fail to tax vehicles and will happily work with the DVLA to enable them to make an accurate assessment of evasion rates.

MAG recognises however that for all road users road tax has lost its credibility. When it was used to improve roads motorists could see the benefit. However, when it just disappears into the black hole of the treasury, people become sceptical and the whole system loses credibility.

The whole system needs reviewing.


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