New MAG group starts in Evesham

Last night saw the first meeting of a new MAG group in Evesham. Mike Starkings is the activist who decided Evesham should have its own group, so organised the event at the Gate Inn in Honeybourne.

Forty Eight riders attended to enjoy the excellent buffet and to endure a presentation from MAG’s Campaigns Manager, Paddy Tyson. The most pressing issue discussed was the new EU Regulation on Type Approval which has many implications for riders and the motorcycle industry. Some of the recent amendments that have been tabled even call for regular roadside emissions ‘stop and test’ rights to be given to the police!

The new group hope to meet every Wednesday through the summer and perhaps twice a month through the winter, but check the meetings pages on this site to stay up to date.

Later this month a new group will be starting in Abergele, North Wales and next month will see new groups get off the ground in Cardiff and Plymouth as MAG continues to grow.