News reports from 24th June’s national demo ride

The media coverage of yesterday’s EU Hands Off Biking Demo ride varied throughout the country and we are still compiling info, but here are some of the reports from the news in Wales, the South West, North East and Southern areas.

We believe just under 10,000 riders joined the event, a quarter of those who took part last September. It’s a figure we are very pleased with, given the weather and the concessions we continue to gain from the EU Commission as negotiations on the Type Approval and Market Surveillance regulation continue.

BBC Wales mini news report, the footage demonstrating the ordered nature of the ride

BBC news report from the South West run, all very good until the last bit, where the reporter makes a suggestion that adding lights and horns to a bike would come under the new EU legislation, when it wouldn’t, as it’s only a powertrain issue. Great footage though!

In the North East ITV reported, as did local papers who attended the event along with NE Labour MEP Stephen Hughes

Video here is from the northbound M5 start point at Taunton

Here’s six minutes of video from the M3 run

More reports arriving all the time, so we’ll update as they do but visit euhandsoffbiking for images and an opportunity to buy a t-shirt to spread the word.