North East MAG follow up on Tyne Tunnel Toll Protest

North East MAG had a very constructive meeting with the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority (TWITA) on Friday.

Following the Tyne Tunnel Demo at the end of May, the door was opened to a meeting between MAG and the Tunnel authorities and it was very productive.

Regional Rep Kitson Warrener, along with stalwart tunnel campaigners Paul Mellor and John Lang, had trawled the fine print of the 2001 and 2005 Tyne Tunnel Orders, as well as previous communication the Tunnel has had with other organisations and found at least three possible legal opportunities for the Authority to remove the Toll for motorcycling immediately.

Paul Fenwick, representing TWITA gave assurances that he would undertake an investigation into each possibility and report back to MAG NE on the 9th of August.

The meeting went on to discuss how the free passage of motorcycles would happen in practice and again, the outcome was positive, with Mr Fenwick explaining the all new electronic systems which will be in place 2014 and accepting the validity of MAG’s stop gap ideas to implement toll free passage immediately with minimal cost.