Northamptonshire County Council – first in UK to promote modal shift towards motorcycles

The Motorcycle Action Group has praised Northamptonshire County Council as the first in the UK to actively pursue modal shift from cars to motorcycles.

This strategy has been a cornerstone of MAG’s policy position, as outlined in its Pathways to Progress document.  Northamptonshire’s announcement comes in the lead up to the International Ride to Work Week; 20 – 26th June 2016.  Their strategy and thinking behind the move is superbly covered in a short video – see link below.

MAG Chair, Selina Lavender, said ‘Northamptonshire have shown a forward thinking attitude to helping solve the congestion issue faced in many towns and cities across the UK. We welcome this initiative and look forward to other counties following their lead.’                                                                                                                                       
John Spencer, Team Leader of Road Safety and Travel Choices, Northamptonshire Highways says: ‘As part of our modal shift strategy Northamptonshire County Council intends to embrace motorcycles and scooters as a sustainable transport mode within the future countywide transport programme. Greater use of motorcycles can bring environmental, congestion and accessibility benefits, particularly on journeys made for commuting to places of employment or education.’ 

Mr Spencer adds ‘the road safety team in Northamptonshire is committed to improving safety for all road users but is also looking at encouraging different ways to travel. In 2015 we carried out a motorcycle survey to reaffirm why people were using motorbikes, but also why they were not!  We collaborate with various partners like the Motorcycle Industry Association, Get on Team and the Ride to Work team, to encourage people to take up motorcycling as a safe, sustainable and better way of getting around.’

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Please follow the Youtube LINK to view more information on the Northhamptonshire Project.