Northern Ireland Consultation on Proposal for Mandatory Wearing of helmets on Quadricycles

The Northern Ireland Department of the Environment have released a public consultation document on the proposal to implement the mandatory wearing of helmets on quads.

One of the questions in the consultation is that if helmets were made mandatory for quad users, do you think this requirement should be extended to tricycle users?

There are 3 options in the consultation:

  1. Do nothing

  2. Require the wearing of helmets for riders and passengers on or in all vehicles falling within the definition of Quadricycles

  3. Require the wearing of helmets only on all-terrain or non car-like quads.

The Northern Ireland Department of the Environment’s preferred option is 3, MAG UK’s is obviously number 1.

The main reason for the consultation is that the DOE want to reduce the accident numbers on quads. We would therefore like to bring to your attention page 12 of the document. It shows that there have only been 3 fatalities since 2006 and the document indicates that even if the legislation is brought in, these deaths would not of been prevented as they seem to have taken place off road.

Please click on the link below and you should get straight to the consultation. Closing date is 19th September 2012.