On Yer Bike in Aylesbury host MEP meeting

Pictured with Catherine Bearder MEP, some of the MAG members present (from left) Bob, Jon, Roger, Steve Capper from ‘On Yer Bike’ and Regional Rep Jon Wilmer.

Yesterday saw another MAG meeting with an MEP to discuss the impending EU motorcycle Type Approval Regulation. The legislation, which includes clauses that aim to restrict modifications to bikes and make ABS compulsory for everything from 50cc, is due to be voted on by the Euro Parliament on 3rd July.

Catherine Bearder, the Lib Dem MEP visited to OnYerBike near Aylesbury at lunchtime on Thursday to hear the concerns of riders and the industry. Discussions were informal, but very productive and a plan of further action was agreed. Subjects discussed ranged from the Type Approval Regulation to the EU Driving Licence Directives and Neil and Sue from OnYerBike Training were able to elaborate on the state of the industry and how the new legislation was affecting learners and training schools.

Catherine was very engaged and it was great to see an MEP take a real interest in motorcycling. Although she doesn’t ride herself, the early days of her married life involved a 100cc Honda as the sole daily family transport.

MAG would like to thank Catherine, the staff at OnYerBike (Phil, Neil, Sue and Steve) and of course the MAG members who took time off at lunchtime to attend on what was a terribly wet day. www.onyerbike.net

More meetings have been arranged and Friday 25th May sees Alf England Motorcycles in Nuneaton hosting a public meeting with Phil Bennion MEP in the evening. www.alfengland.co.uk