One year on

It’s been one year since 40,000+ riders across the UK demonstrated that they wouldn’t take non evidence-based, anti-bike legislation lying down ….

Much has been achieved, the goal posts have continued to move ,but progress HAS been made.The ‘Super MOT’ has also raised it’s ugly head again as well as the ongoing process of the type approval regulation….. but with riders all working together we are taken seriously as a legitimate voice and lobby. As if to demonstrate this, even the UK Roads Minister joined up!

Let’s keep it up! Sometimes there’s a lull while the bureaucratic wheels grind slowly at the EU, and sometimes the info is hard to follow as ‘plain english’ is not often used by the bureaucrats. We’ll continue to keep you updated and suggest what YOU can do to help preserve and expand motorcycling.

Demos such as that on 25th September 2011 and 24th June this year are one of many tools we use to lobby , so please keep up the letter writing and talking to your MEP , MP and councillors about isses that affect you as a rider…. If you have not already , please consider joining MAG – as even by just being a member you add yourself to the weight of our campaigning potential.

 Let’s keep campaigning to keep EU HANDS OFF BIKING !