Over 100,000 views of our start points map!

There have now been over 100,000 views of our start point map, our T-shirts have sold out and the IMCO committee vote has been delayed yet again, now to 22nd November which means the EU Parliament won’t now be voting until next year.

This gives us all winter to keep up the pressure.

With every day and every letter written to MPs, MEPs riders continue to cause a real stir. Even before the 25th demo ride we are very clearly making our views felt and getting our representatives to take notice.

The UK Government is now listening and MEPs and MPs from all parties are now voicing their support for the day, with some MPs preparing to ride with us.

The police forces are all being supportive and the Highways Agency has agreed to illuminate all its motorway signs with ‘Think Bike’ messages.

It’s going to be a massive day, putting motorcycle politics on the map.