Party With A Purpose

The Krissie Willis Stem Cell Appeal Thank You.

Very many thanks to all the individuals, groups and clubs who sent in a donation or organised an event to raise money for this Appeal. I was astounded at the generosity of people, many of whom didn’t have much themselves, and of the tenacity of organisers of events to raise some money.

The Appeal grossed £1,721.70, the accounts have now been audited and signed off and the account closed as of today, 27th June 2007.

We were happy to hand over £1,600.00 (made payable to the Stem Cell Treatment Fund) to Krissie earlier in the year but kept the account open with a small amount as we had been promised a donation from someone?s wedding!!

Krissie was overwhelmed by the generosity of MAG people and wants me to say a big thank you from her.

So far as the treatment itself is concerned, Krissie?s speech improved significantly and when I recently visited her in hospital, she was able to pick up a cup and drink from it. Something she wasn’t previously able to do.

Very many thanks for the support of everyone concerned

As of February 2008 I can report that Krissie’s speech remains as it was in June last year and I can detect no regression on the post stem cell improvement.

Thanks, Guys, once again, for your generosity for a much loved and long time MAG member.

Anne Gale, Eddie Garnier and Callum Satterthwaite ? Trustees.

Party with a Purpose – Success

12th December 2006

The ‘Party With A Purpose’ to raise funds for MAG Stalwart Krissie Willis has taken place and was a great success.

Well, I thought all parties have a purpose, be it meeting old friends, getting drunk or maybe having a boogie (or, more than likely, all three). However, to be able to do that and get kitted out with a pair of over trousers and winning tickets to the Jesters Rally next year is a real bonus…. oh yes, and raise a bit of cash for Krissie into the bargain.

This was a night organised by the Jesters to help Krissie to raise some cash to cover her stem cell treatment and I must say the treatment seemed to be worth it as she talked a lot clearer, looked much better as was able to stand a couple of times to give people a hug.

The venue is rather odd, the bar not having the greatest selection of drinks available, and the stage being at right angles to the general flow of things.

The band were good, however, their first set of almost all blues was not to everyone’s liking but after a break they played some numbers that got people stomping, either that or it was the chilli, which was very tasty and very, very hot!!

An enjoyable night that raised £562 for Krissie and the message from her was – “Say a big thank you to all those that supported”.

Bill P

The fundraising is still going on with some mad ideas to follow. You can still donate directly using the bank details below. 

MAG Stalwart

Issued 3rd October 2006

Krissie Willis is a long-time MAG stalwart. She has been a volunteer activist for most of her adult life.

Krissie’s work has all been for the betterment of biking and the benefit of bikers. It’s time we all gave her something back.

Krissie suffers from an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis. It’s put her in a wheelchair and now her speech is failing. Her last hope is stem cell treatment in the Netherlands. She needs £13,000 for starters, maybe more if the treatment is prolonged.

This is where we come in. As bikers, we do pet food and Easter Egg runs. We give money to dogs, cats, donkeys and pretty much every creature on earth. Now it’s time to do something for one of our own.

A charity bash is being organised at Rockers in Taunton on 18 November, ?3 on the door (part of the proceeds to Krissie?s Appeal).

Obviously numbers are limited and whilst the event will help, it will only go a small part of the way to raising the funds needed. So we’re taking the party beyond Rockers, beyond Taunton.

On Saturday 18 November we are going to hold a UK-wide ? maybe even worldwide ? party for Krissie.

It?s that simple.

Here’s how: £3 each is all it will cost – see below for payment details.

Anyone, anywhere can go to Krissie’s party – BUT you have to organise it yourself! It can be at your local pub, in your garden, in your front room or even your bedroom(!) All you have to do, having paid your £3, is promise to Party for Krissie on 18 November and tell us where, when, and how many of you will be there.

Email – – subject heading PwaP.

You can even have a movable party! Pub-crawl around YOUR town with buckets and collect cash for Krissie’s treatment.

Tell your local radio, TV and press what you’re doing and why. The more publicity this gets, the more cash we can raise.

How Do I Know This Is For Real?

We thought you’d ask that, and you’re right to be careful. There are a lot of email scams around trying to take your money.

So here’s how to check:

Visit the MAG national website (you’re here already);; or where appeal details can be verified.

Visit the website of West Riding Personal Financial Solutions Ltd West Riding is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, and vouches for the genuineness of this appeal. 

Phone and ask Aine Gale (Western Region MAG), Ian Mutch (MAG President) or Neil Liversidge, all of whom are acting as organisers.


Details for this Appeal are as follows: Lloyds TSB, 124 High Street, Staple Hill, Nr. Bristol, BS16 5HJ. Sort Code: 30-98-06. Account Name:- Krissie Willis Stem Cell Appeal. Account Number: 02347714.

[Trustees of this account are: Eddie Garnier (MAG NotAvon Rep); Cal Satterthwaite (Bristol MAG); Anne Gale (Bristol MAG & MAG Western Region Admin)]

We’ve tried to make it really easy and invite you to help us raise as much money as we can for this treatment. You can make electronic transfers from your account; mail a cheque direct to the bank/account as above; give your own bank a paying-in slip made out for an account transfer or by cheque made out appropriately and sent to: Krissie Willis Stem Cell Appeal. c/o 158 Fairlyn Drive, Kingswood, South Gloucestershire, BS15 4PZ.

We thank you in anticipation for your support.

Let’s show the world that Bikers REALLY know how to party!


Editor’s Notes

Download the appeal information Here pdf

What is stem cell treatment? Krissie explains:

Stem-cells are the building blocks for most things in life, particularly nerve transmitters which are destroyed in an MS sufferer.

They are taken, in the case of my proposed treatment, from the umbilical cord of a new-born baby with the parent’s consent. This is usually simply thrown away! When these stem cells are injected into an MS patients body they can have miraculous results.

One lady I know of was in a wheelchair unable to walk. She had been like that for the last three years. She was given a course of treatment and within an hour after her last injection got out of her wheelchair and ‘walked’ (stumbled due to wasted muscles) across the room and has never looked back.

Other people have their eyesight restored to normal, full use of their balance centres etc, Of course, there’s a down-side to all this.

Stem-cell treatment isn’t available in the UK on the NHS. It is being offered on the continent and in various other countries.

Also, it doesn’t come cheaply and may not have radically significant results in everybody.

I have many dreams of a ‘normal’ life. One of my biggest dreams/hopes is to be able to go for a walk with my husband; something I’ve not been able to do in all the time we’ve been married. It would be so wonderful if you can play a part in making my dreams come true.

Mrs Christina (Krissie) Ann Carpenter

Issued by
Trevor Baird
Director of Public Affairs

The UK’s Leading Riders’ Rights Organisation