Paul Turner – Manifesto for election as next Chairman of MAG

As previously announced, Jane Chisholm is to step down as Chair of MAG after three terms in office.

MAG Cumbria Regional Representative Paul Turner has been nominated as the next Chair of MAG, here is his manifesto:

My bike riding history is nowhere near as colourful as most people, I started riding on two wheels on my Dads Honda 90 round the garden which then led on to my getting a full licence at 17 yrs old. My parents didn’t want me to get a bike so bought me a car, but as I had a licence it meant that I could ride pillion on my mates 250s who rode on L plates which on thinking back to some of our antics was quite dangerous.


It was a good few years later that I got a 400 cc custom then  over period of time ended up with a Honda 800cc Pacific Coast, then went on to having a 1300 Pan European. At the time I was commuting short distances to work so the Pan went and was replaced by a Suzuki Burgman which currently travels with us on the back of our motorhome.


I have recently retired from Cumbria Police after 30 years service, the latter half of this was working in the Communications Centre and Crime Desk. During my time in the Police I worked on several projects, one being IT procurement and testing and the other being a new call handling system. During these projects I was involved with external contractors and IT companies. Working in the Communications centre has made me become a good communicator and negotiator.


I am also a member of a local Rotary Club and have just completed my Presidential year, Chairing regular meetings and moving the club forward with the introduction of new ideas and one thing I did learn quickly was how to delegate to the right people with the skills to get the job done, something we do and are getting better at doing in MAG.


I have been a member of MAG now for over 7 years, the exact length of time escapes me. I became local dealer liaison then regional Rep for the Cumbria area while being RR I had several live radio interviews and two television interviews. Whilst on the NC I was asked to sit on the interview panel for the Campaigns Manager post which was filled by David Short. I would have liked to have given more time to MAG over the last 12 months but due to working full time and renovating a house time was something I did not have. With now not working and no intention of doing paid work and the house now nearing completion I find that I do have the time to give to the post of Chairman. With careful planning I would like to get round most regions when possible and with having a motorhome that should not be too much of a problem.


We in MAG at all levels were in danger of becoming stuck in our ways. We have I know in the past started campaigns too late, this was not I believe due to incompetence, far from it, we were putting too much on people. We are improving on this and  I believe over the last few years that we have achieved this more and more, especially with the appointment of Nich Brown. Last year I spent a few days at Central. I saw Nichs dedication and enthusiasm at work. We must not let him or others “burn out” for want of assistance. We have started this by having our positional statements and hopefully after this AGC we will have some direction from you the members and we on the NC can become more involved in specific pieces of work and get more members involved at local level on National matters.


I believe in MAG we have in the past been considered as being bearded bikers, in fact I met a friend of mine that said, “MAG that lot, the right way, thought they had packed in years ago” we are slowly changing that perception, I think the re branding and restyling of our magazine has gone some way to start this change. Again we do need to change but we must never forget our grass routes and the fact that we are fighting for Riders Rights and the freedom of choice. We are going about it in the right way, not everything is solved by protest rides but at the right time and circumstances they can be our most effective tool in campaigning. For the future I would like to see us continue in the direction we are going in but perhaps with more emphasis on dealing with Government both at local and National levels, after all these are the people that want to make the changes that effect us.


We have I believe a good NC at the moment, there is always a lot of enthusiasm and sometimes lively debate on matters. The most important thing that does come across is that the NC members are there for their region.

Paul Turner

Membership Number 116205